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Important information about Beth

Liza Redwitch, or Beth to most of us, has dedicated her life and heart to making a place where people can go to feel safe, meet others and be their self for 1 weekend a year called FROLICON. Most people know who I am talking about. She is the front face for Frolicon, the sassy red head. Pam, myself and Melissa (one of Frolicon’s former partners) want to let all of the Frolicon fans know what is going on with Beth. We ask that you pass this message on to anyone who knows her.
We are writing on behalf of Beth (Redwitch). We know that all of you are friends with her, or have been touched by her in some way. She’s been involved in all of our lives, whether through Frolicon, the kink community, or connections in the Atlanta area.
There have been a lot of rumors about her condition, and her friends want to make sure that everyone who knows and loves her has the correct information.
Beth had not been feeling herself for a few weeks. On October 15th, her doctor suggested going to the emergency room in order to get completely checked out. They discovered that the left ventricle of her heart was not performing the way it needed to, and she was in Congestive Heart Failure (that just means that the heart was not performing its job- it freaked us out too). They admitted her to the hospital, did a cardiac catheterization, and it was determined that her heart was weak, but they believed after a good dose of rest, medication, and time, her heart would resume normal function. She was discharged from the hospital on October 18th.
That evening, while watching TV, Beth experienced a stroke.
At this point, details are coming in every day. The right side of her brain has been compromised, and there is concern about the healing process. She is in physical therapy, speech therapy, and taking medication. She can understand what you are telling her, and can communicate. The most likely course of treatment will be a long stint at a Rehabilitation Facility. She will probably not be able to live alone again- or function without some sort of assistance, although we have hope that she will regain a lot of her movement & functioning back. After all, we know how tough Beth is.
But either way, there will be changes in her life. This change will not come without a hefty price tag- between doctors, therapy, and rearranging her life. Please keep that in mind. We are hoping to have fundraisers to help her and to give back as she has always given to us. We will post details about ways to help in the coming weeks.
What she needs right now is time to rest, recuperate, and time to figure out how to deal with all of this. She needs your support, your prayers, healing thoughts, positive energy or power from whatever your belief is. Please give her time to adjust.
If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of the partners (Pam or chrissie) through Facebook or emails. You can find our emails on the website We will post an address for you in the next few days if you would like to send her cards or words of encouragement and we will make sure she gets everyone one of them. Many of you have her personal number and we ask that you give her a little time to sort through some of the changes she is dealing with.
The one thing about the Kink community is the way we pull together when one of us needs help. In the next few weeks I hope we can show Beth how much we care and give back to her as much as she has given to us.
Thank you,
Chrissie &  Pam


My boyfriend and I were hoping to split room costs with another couple. I got a price quote and it was $108/night + tax. I assume about $120/night including tax. We were wanting to check in on Thursday and check out Monday morning. If we split cost with another couple, it would essentially be $120/person. We also have a mini fridge, microwave, and sandwich maker we will be bringing that we would be happy to share. We are both smokers (cigarettes only) but will not smoke in the room because of the extra expense (I think I remember it being an extra $250), and we are age 42 and 31. I would like to have everyone's name on the room if possible. My fetlife profile is linked on my profile here, and his is listed on mine (as my boyfriend, sadist, and protector). If you are interested, please leave me a comment and I will send you my cell number to discuss details and/or any questions you may have. Thanks and have a kinky good night!

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VauxHall Garden Variety Players

VauxHall Garden Variety Players returns to Frolicon once again!

Some of you saw our Hawaii'an show last year. Some of you saw us at Little 5 Points Parade, POC, East Atlanta Village parade, Drugancht (EAV), last year. Some of you saw us at Anachrocon this year!

Well, we are no less busy this year at putting on performances to hopefully entertain you.

This year at Frolicon, we will be performing Classical music at 9pm on Friday evening, Mardi Gras Saturday Afternoon ...and you may even see us in a parade:

Come join us and have a good time ;)

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Volunteers need for the Dark Room

Throwing the Dark Room Party is a lot more than just turning off the lights and letting people in to have a good time. It takes a little work to make a room with no light. Plus you need to move all the breakable and bangable items somewhere safe; and that is just the setup. During the party greeters are needs at the doors and stewards inside to assist people. Then at the end people are needed to clean up and put the room back together.

This needs more than just one or two people. I know Amber put out a call on FetLife; so I’m putting one here. The more people we have; the less time it will take away from being able to enjoy the party.
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Email me if...

Ok folks, we’re down to the home stretch!

Email me, if you:

Want a fan/community table in the prefunction area this year. You may use these tables to advertise your event or group, but you may not sell merchandise here.

Want to add a business card, flyer, postcard, or any other swag to our registration bags. There’s still time. You can get us the goodies one of two ways: Mail it to me, or bring it to the host hotel Wednesday after 5 pm, and we’ll get your message out to over 1500 people in a ‘very’ targeted audience.

Are throwing a party and need a junior suite, and haven’t sent me your party description or your confirmation numbers yet.
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The Passing of a Kind Soul...

As some of you may have heard, Corey Frison passed away Tuesday morning.

He has been a fixture at Frolicon since the beginning and also at Fantasm. Some of you who think you may know him might know him as the Tarot Reader.

Unfortunately, like many of us, he could not afford Life Insurance and his family needs help paying for his funeral services. So, if you can spare a few dollars, please do so at the paypal in the image.

More information can be found -) Here (-...

It seems LJ is having issues with presenting images at the moment, so the paypal address listed is Confirmation will reflect payment/donation to Corey Frison...
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Reunion Time!

Come one, come all to a Whippersnappers reunion! Load up your wheelchairs and break out the walkers to reunite with your old friends, playmates and victims for an evening of reminiscing, fun, and play at our old haunt, 1763. Recreate the greatest scenes of yesteryear (or maybe 2005). Compete for the first annual Whippersnappers awards. You were such a wonderful part of our community that it would not feel like a proper celebration without you there! Admission is only $10 with your Whippersnappers card (really, for anyone who has ever been a Whippersnapper)!

Date & Time:Friday, November 30, 2012 · 8:00 PM –12:00 AM  
1763 Montreal Circle, Tucker, Ga. 30084   @ map
Cost:$10 for current or former Whippersnappers, $20 for everyone else
Dress code:1763 Dress Code in effect

What: The First Whippersnappers Reunion
Where: 1763
When: 8 - midnight, Friday, Nov. 30
How Much: $10 for current or former Whippersnappers, $20 for everyone else

It's a reunion, so everyone 21+ is welcome to attend. I hope to see YOU at the reunion!