Frolicon rooms

So I tried to make a reservation at the Sheraton last week and found out the room block was full already. I have never had a problem with getting a room as late as December before but I guess that has changed. Anyway, two questions 1) does anyone know if they will be opening additional rooms to the block as I believe they have in previous years? 2) does anyone have an extra (preferably 2 double bed) room they don't need/want they would be willing to transfer?
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Doctor who Fanseries in the works...

"Doctor Who: The Forgotten Doctor" Fanseries AUDITIONS ROUND 2, TAKING SUBMISSIONS!!! *Feel Free to repost!
by Jevocas Green on Friday, May 18, 2012 at 1:56am ·



Jymeni Productions, LLC is now taking submissions for our upcoming Doctor Who Fanseries!

The highly anticipated webseries is slated to begin production in September and film through November Shooting RIGHT HERE in ATLANTA GA!!!We will be filming an amazing 14 episodes and Christmas special! Plus, potential season 2!

The show picks up on the last Adventures of the 8th Doctor going into the events leading up to the Time war. A regeneration goes wrong and a NEW 9th Doctor must set things right.... and be forgotten.... Its full of familiar Foes and Faces, but a completely ORIGINAL STORY! Excitement, Action, all in true to form Doctor Who Fashion, and an ALL NEW DOCTOR!!! SUBMIT NOW!!!

Taking Submissions NOW!

Auditions will be this Sunday, MAY 27th 4pm to 9pm.

Please submit before Friday May 25th at MIDNIGHT as we will be locking in Appointments!!!

Please submit the following:

Photo/Headshot, Resume, Name, Age, Phone, Number, Role

TO: - Subject "Doctor Who Casting - (your name)"

**NOTE those who don't include all the above information will NOT be selected**

*** AND NO MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS! Multiple submissions will promptly be deleted, thank you***

We will respond with the location and further information.

HURRY! Submissions are already pouring in!!! :D
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Room up for grabs!

I know this is last-minute, but we found ourselves with a spare room this weekend, Thursday-Saturday nights. We have passed the deadline to actually release it back into the pool, so whomever wants it will need to pay us directly. Please call (don't comment or message, as I'm about to close up the computer and drive!) Stephen: (229) 395-0963; or Linda: (334) 787-9332.

ConMan Filming at Frolicon - Speakers, Artists, performers contact us.

The ConMan Show is filming an episode at Frolicon this year.  Have an idea for a spot, want to be interviewed?  Contact us to get on the schedule. 


Teaser trailer at

Like us on Facebook:

Want to know where we are every minute while at the con,  follow us on  twitter.  @conmanshow

See you there! 
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Frolicon Activity

Hello all Frolicers...

Last 2 yrs they had an even called something like worn who like men to play with men or something like that.  i have not seen it on this years schedule of fun.  Has this activity been removed or am i just missing it from the schedule.

Frolicing for fun  :)

Frolicon Special Class Offering

Hello everyone. This year we have a very special opportunity for our attendees. We have trained professionals James and Jo Ann offering Basic First Aid presented by the American Safety and Health Institute. For completing both classes you will get a 1 to 2 year certification. This would be a great certification to have if you DM. You may also just want to be better informed how to help yourself and others.

We may have to limit the number of attendees. If you are interested in attending these courses please email me, as soon as possible.

Time and Location: Friday and Saturday 10:00-11:30am in Biltmore 3.

FIRST AID FOR KINK 101: Because “oops” isn’t a safe word.

For anyone who likes to play, engages in “acceptable risk” activities, DMs, is looking for First Aid education, or doesn’t want to stand around not knowing what to do when someone is dying.

This entry-level class will teach bare-bones, no-nonsense approach to administering aid to the sick or injured in kink-friendly environment. Topics will include basic EMS procedures, Packing a First Aid Kit for the Dungeon, and how to interface with EMTs, Nurses, Doctors, and everyone else who wonders why you have bruises in delicate places.

FIRST AID FOR KINK 102: What do we do now?

The Second Part of the Series, part one is a prerequisite for this class.
This class will utilize hands-on techniques to instruct people in patient evaluation, advanced first aid procedures, emergency wound care, and emergency management.

1 on 1 instructor/student time will be available outside of class as schedules and resources allow.
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Help for a guest

the powers that be at Frolicon have graciously asked me to be a presenter this year. I am speaking on hojo-jutsu, the classical Japanese science of binding prisoners. But I find I need a room for sat night. Can anyone help or tell me where to look to get one at the Sheraton?

Flogging, BDSM
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Update Website?

I was just wondering if there was going to be any attempt this year to update the website?  The schedule on the site is from 2010!  I know we can't expect the schedule to be posted already, but since it doesn't appear to have been updated even for last year, should I just stop going to the website entirely and stop sending people there?

It seems to me that keeping the website updated at least as a signpost would be a huge asset to the convention.  Trying to find info here at the LJ is a daunting task, although it's very useful for attendees to try to connect with each other.  But a website really does help someone who has never heard of the event before find the relevant information like dates, prices, hotels, and schedules.

And when the schedule is posted to LJ, it's really a PitA to find.  It was so much easier when it was on the website.  So, is the website just a dead space, or can visitors expect to see relevant info there this year at some point?

DMs Needed

It is that time of year again, where the blood starts pumping and we all get that fever for FROLICON!

I am here to enlist as many of you fine people as I can to volunteer some time to DM during one of the play parties. If you are attending Frolicon and have any DM experience, we can use your help to man all the shifts for the weekend. The larger parties on Friday and Saturday will most likely be manned by the folks form the respective organizations that will host the parties, but the smaller parties will need folks to volunteer their time to have coverage.

Each shift is for 1 and 1/2 hours and this time can be put toward your total volunteer time if you are using volunteer time to pay for your event pass. So this could be a fun way to get that time out of the way.

If you are interested, please go to this page and sign up ... Frolicon DM website.

Thanks and I hope to have lots of new folks this year! This is a great way to meet some really great people!

Thanks ... email me at if you have any questions.

DM Coordinator