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Look for information and juicy tidbits concerning Frolicon, a 21+ science fiction/fantasy convention held every Easter Weekend in Atlanta, GA.
Rules for this community:

  • 18 and over please!
  • No flaming will be tolerated. We will hunt you down.
  • Constructive criticism and positive problem solving is always welcome.
  • Please put ALL pictures under a cut
  • Frolicon is happy to promote events sponsored by, attended by or of interest to our attendee base. However, if you are going to promote one of these events, please put your flyer under a CUT!!!!. A sentence or two above the cut with pertinent information is fine, but cut the rest.

    Any post not following this guideline will be deleted.
  • Please, please, please, no quizzes
  • Like everything else, these rules are subject to change.

Come back often and look for updates and new info as we receive it!!!!

If you aren't subscribed to the current Frolicon Email List do it now! Or, you'll be missing out on really important updates. It only takes a minute. We won't send more than about an email a month, and we won't share your addresses with anyone, so go sign up today.

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